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videoclip febrero 27, 2020

En Otra Historia · Don Patricio

An allusion to that love that returns from the past to conflict the present. It is a journey through both the streets of La Habana and the internal rodents of the protagonist, who uses the magic of a sorceress to end that story. Oneiric aesthetics and a high-level photographic work, harmoniously coexist the Cuba without time with one of the also timeless challenges of the human psyche: the ending point to a love of the past.

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Postproduction Company

Moonlight Barcelona

Moonlight Cinema is a post-production company located in Barcelona, with extensive experience in postproduction for movies, commercials and music videos.

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Images & Stills

We shooted with ARRI Alexa Mini and Cooke S2 lenses, all in natural lights, combining with fantastic cast and natural colors of La Habana, resulting this great, vintage and melancholic look.


Behind the Scenes

We shooted January 9th and 10th this 2020, and we was working all December with Island Film on all pre-production issues. This was very hard on times meaning, but was an amazing experience. We are all very grateful to both lovely team from Cuba and all Cubans we meet.

We meet a lot of nice locations, and we finally shooted in 8 locations in two days, about 12-14hs shooting by day. All Cubans we meet on casting (about 100 people) was very very lovely. We fall in love with them.

All this was possible thanks to Havana Club, Warner Music Spain, and for sure, our friend Don Patricio (: